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User is not displayed in User Directory

Background informationThe User Directory requires two following services to be configured and running properly:

  • - User Profile Service: This service imports users and their properties into SharePoint (usually from Active Directory). To see if your SharePoint is importing any users, check User Profiles under this service in Central Administration or in SharePoint Online Administration
  • - Search Service: The Search service indexes User Profile Service data (User profiles). The User Directory is utilizing Search Service to access user profiles data in fast and recourse efficient way.

The most issues with User Directory are related to the services above. If you can't see some users or any user at all, please check those first.

Step 1 Navigate to User Directory -> Configuration (Cog icon) -> Filtering and configure filtering according to the following screen. Save the changes and test if you can see user(s) in User Directory.

User Directory - disable filters 

Step 2If you still can't see some users in User Directory, please check if those users are properly indexed by your SharePoint Search Service. You can check it easily by navigating to your standard SharePoint Search and searching for your missing user. See below. If a user is not displayed, it means you need to check your SharePoint Search Service and User Profile Service.

User Directory - search test

Still not working?If you are missing some users after running all the checks and tests, please contact our paid support at We can organize a remote session and troubleshoot an issue directly in your environment.

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