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Things to check and do to make sure a Presence indicator works in App Part

Use Internet ExplorerMicrosoft currently supports IE and some versions of Safari and Firefox browsers. A presence indicator will not work in Google Chrome, Opera and in mobile browsers.

Lync/Skype for business Make sure that Lync/Skype for Business application is installed on your computer and started.

Add your SharePoint site to Local intranet zoneIf your SharePoint/Office 365 URL is, add a wildcard record https://* to your local intranet zone. You can apply this setting manually or through a group policy (recommend). 

Check if you can see a presence indicator working in your SharePoint document librariesIf it's not, it means your environment isn't configured correctly. One of the potential issues might be incorrectly configured Proxy Server, for more information on this read the following article:

You need to be logged in Skype for Business/Lync application.
If you are not logged in on the same computer, the presence indicator won't work.

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